Keeping the village tidy...

Saturday 24th March, was this year's Annual Village Litter Pick day, and in typical Monks Eleigh style, has been completed successfully, and has recovered surprising amounts of litter.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers across Babergh take part in community litter pick events. Monks Eleigh is one such village. A good turnout on the day, with the weather remaining fair during the operation. People turned out in force and donned their hi-vis jackets and armed themselves with their picker and bag.

It is amazing, and sad too, just what we do find on these annual clean-ups. Bits of cars, electronic devices and food items. However, the most common items by far are the bottles, cans and food wrappers, not to mention bagged dog waste, which is very unpleasant to deal with.

Thanks again to all who gave up a few hours on a March Saturday morning, and to the Church for providing some well deserved coffee and biscuits afterwards.